Before you enrol in any training course, you will need a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This number stays with you for life and you can use this for any future training you undertake.

Getting a USI is free and easy. You can get you USI online at www.usi.gov.au.

Steps to Creating Your USI

Step 1: You will need at least one (ideally two) form of identification from the list below.

Step 2: Have your contact details ready including phone number, email, and address.

Step 3: Visit the USI website

Step 4: Click the “Create a USI” link and follow the steps, accepting the Terms and Conditions

Step 5: Follow the instructions on screen to create your USI. Once completed, copy your USI number off the screen and keep it somewhere safe. It will also be sent to your preferred contact method (eg SMS or email).

See more information about getting your USI below: